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In pursuance of its vision, our work aims at changing underlying policy, legislation and practice that undermine the right to education while at the same time strengthen government’s education systems, and support the development of infrastructure. We dedicate our collective efforts in ensuring equity in education through our advocacy work as well as research, budget tracking and analysis, capacity building and service delivery. We are at the centre of innovation piloting with the view to bring meaningful change in education. We also endeavour to mobilise and capacity communities into critical masses for change in their respective communities, and for support to the schools. Finally, CSEC works across all sectors of education: early childhood education, basic education, secondary education, tertiary education, adult education and lifelong learning.

Established in 2000, CSEC is a lead non - state actor in Malawi which is currently supported by World Bank, European Union (EU), Cordaid, Trocaire, Global Partnership of Education (GPE) through the Civil Society Education Fund, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), Swedish Development Partners (IM) and USAID through the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Previously, CSEC has been supported by DFID, UNICEF, GIZ, IDASA, and International Open Budget Partnerships.

What We Specifically Do

We advocate for a right to quality education for all by influencing policy, mobilising communities for action, exploring innovations that bring meaningful change, research development, capacity building, initiation of policies, transforming the school and learning environment, strengthen government’s education system, influencing positive culture that promote education through community voice and action.


A society where all people enjoy the right to Education that promote equality, relevance, accessibility, quality and critical thinking.


To promote the right to quality Education for all and complement government efforts towards ....


To advocate for the right to quality education and influence necessary policy change in education.

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