Our Governance & Organisational Structure

The Board Members

  • Moses Busher

    CCA (EC Chairperson)
    0991 123 810
    0882 867 138

  • Jennipher Mkandawire

    FRC (Vice Chairperson)
    0888 38 00 91

  • Judith Chirwa

    0999 95 22 20

  • Wezzie Sosola

    Action Aid
    0888 87 43 78
    0995 81 87 24

  • Charles Kumchenga

    TUM (Board Member)
    0886 12 56 70
    0999 45 92 38

  • Masauko Thawe

    Youth Arm Organisation (Board Member)
    0998 12 68 83

  • Wesley Chabwera

    0999 38 41 59

  • Ezekiel Kumwenda

    0888 852 391
    0999 952 391

  • Gladys Thom

    Drug Fight
    0993 954 030

The Council

The Council is supreme decision making body of CSEC and consists of all Coalition’s member organizations. The Council meets at least once a year for the Annual General Meeting although CSEC’s Constitution provides that 2/3 member organizations may call for an extra ordinary meeting.

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The Executive

The Board of Trustees for the Coalition are the legal custodians of the coalition on behalf of its members. The Board of Trustees has have powers given to it under the law to ensure that the organization and its operations are in accordance with the law. The Board of Trustees meets with Chairperson of the Executive Committee and National Coordinator at least twice a year.

Current members of the Board of Trustees include:

  • Mr. Amos Tizora

    Trustee Chair Person - (CICOD)
    He has 27 years’ experience working in governance, education, health, sanitation and development. He is currently working as Executive Director for CICOD. Mr. Tizora holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Development Studies.

  • Mrs. Margaret Ali

    Save the Children

Functions of` Board of Trustees include:

  1. Formulate policies and give directions to the activities of the Coalition
  2. Ensure that proper books of accounts are kept and audited once in each financial year.
  3. Reviewing audited financial statement and assets of the Network especially the manner in which the capital and the income have been dealt with during the financial year in question and thus circulate the signed audit report at the Annual General Meeting to all members and other interested bodies.

The Secretariat

The secretariat is the headquarters of the Coalition and is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the activities of CSEC. The secretariat is headed by an Executive Director supported by programmes, finance and administration officers to run the day-to-day activities of the coalition. Among other responsibilities of the Secretariat is responsible for implementing objectives and activities of the Coalition as mandated by the Council

Currently, the Secretariat is being led by the Executive Director, Mr. Benedicto Khondowe

  • Mr. Benedicto Kondowe

    Executive Director

    The Executive Director Mr. Bennedicto Kondowe is a renowned governance and development practitioner and holds a Master Degree in Development Studies with Honours (2.1), obtained from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, Master of International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, from Kalu Institute, Humanitarian Aid Studies Centre, in Spain, a Post Graduate in International Human Rights, from Fahamu/Oxford University, and both Post Graduate Diploma in Law (LLD) and Bachelor Degree in Humanities from University of Malawi.

    He has previously worked with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Catholic Relief Services, Malawi Country Programme, Public Affairs Committee and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation among other prominent institutions. He is currently the Executive Director for Civil Society Education Coalition. He is also the Vice Chairperson of the African Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (Harare, Zimbabwe), the Trustee Chairperson for the Council for Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi (CONGOMA), and the founder of the Centre for Governance and Public Participation.

    He is serving Commissioner with the Malawi Human Rights Commission and he is responsible for the Directorates of Civil and Political Rights and Economic Social and Cultural Rights. He also serves as the Chairperson of the Upper Appointments and Disciplinary Committee.

The District Education Network

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